Off to a great start!

As I got into my taxi at 4am outside of my house yesterday, all I felt was nervous excitement. I’d just said a teary-eyed goodbye to my Mom (the worst part about traveling) and I just couldn’t believe I was actually doing this. But as reality set in, I noticed that the cars and roads around me were covered in ice, and then it hit me – “I’m going to the Caribbean!!” 

One of my strongest skills in life is my ability to make friends easily. I love talking to new people! But even knowing that about myself didn’t stop me from feeling very apprehensive about full-time hostel lifestyle and my ability to find people to pass the time with. My favorite activity while traveling is to sit on a terrace with a good beer or good coffee, people watching and chatting with friends. This was going to be hard to do without the last ingredient. And yet there I was in line to go through customs in Cartagena chatting away with two girls who are here for about the same time as I am. We shared a taxi into the city and made vague plans to see each other again (they’re staying at a different pace). Before I had even taken off my backpack I had already overcome a fear.

Once I got settled (meaning I opened my backpack and the contents spilled out from every pocket – I can’t wait to get control over where I actually put things in there) I grabbed a map and set out to explore the walled city of Cartagena. As I was about to walk out the door, I met a guy who was leaving to do the exact same thing. So we wandered around together for a couple hours, ate some delicious ceviche, and chatted about our travels on a terrace with a beer in a busy plaza. Day 1, and I’ve already experienced my favorite activity. What the heck was I so afraid of??

This morning I met a girl from Argentina who is planning to check out Isla Barú tomorrow. 

“What a coincidence, so am I.”

“Do you want to find a place to stay together?”

“Why yes, yes I do.”

All in Spanish of course! Not a bad start to my trip.

8 thoughts on “Off to a great start!

  1. Kelly, I’m so happy for you! You definitely are fantastic at making friends… I mean, you worked your wiles on me. 🙂 I look forward to following your travels!


  2. Kelly so happy you got there safely! We’ll be reading your blog daily and living vicariously through you… enjoy these great moments! Bill and Linda


  3. All great adventures begin with some fear and what makes us great adventurers is doing it in spite of the fear!! You my dear are a great adventurer~ xo


  4. As I read this….I realize that I’m ‘living a dream’ through you! (I think that’s called “vicarious”?) Thank you for sharing your launch, and I can’t wait for your next installments!


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