3 Days in a 4×4

Recently I crossed the Salar de Uyuni, a 3 day trip across the desert into Bolivia that ends at the largest salt flat in the world. To get there, you have to take a 4×4 with a group, and if you’re lucky like I was, you get the sweetest Bolivian driver as your guide. The majority of the 3 days is spent driving along the long desert roads, but the stops you make along the way are truly spectacular. Here are some photos from my trip through beautiful southwestern Bolivia. 

Bolivian border crossing

Loading up the Jeeps

Filling up the gas tanks for the day

Pablo, the greatest guide in all of Bolivia!

Natural Hot Springs

La Laguna Verde

Hard to tell but those are flamingos in that red lake

Everyone needs a llama selfie!

Stayed a night in a hotel made of salt!

4×4 crew for the journey across the desert

Perspective photos at the Salar

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