An Unmissable Island in Bolivia

Lake Titicaca, one of the highest in the world and arguably the one with the best name, sits on the border of Bolivia and Peru. It’s huge, it’s very cold there because of the altitude (3800 meters/11,400 feet), and it’s insanely beautiful.

We arrived on a bus from La Paz, one that we actually had to disembark from in order to take the tiniest ferry across part of the lake while the bus was ferried over on its own barge. Strangely only the gringos had to get off the bus and pay for the ferry; all the local Bolivians got to stay for the free ride. It was one of those moments while traveling that just really didn’t make any sense at all, but you just have to accept that you don’t understand and move on. I was traveling with a friend from France and another from England, and we met two Australians on the bus ride. The sun was just about to set as soon as we pulled into Copacabana, so we ran to the market, grabbed two bottles of wine and ran to the docks just in time to see the sky lit up in color. It was the perfect start to our visit. 

My friend Tom and I decided to go to Isla del Sol for the day from Copacabana and potentially stay for the night depending on how we felt when we got here. As soon as we stepped off the boat we both knew we’d be staying. This place was so beautiful and we knew it would be the perfect place for another sunset. It was the best decision!

Here’s our boat driver, texting and driving with his foot. Luckily it was the slowest boat ride in the world!

Most of our time on the island was spent hiking around for different views as well as hours and hours of sitting on terraces staring at this beautiful place. Seriously, I felt like I was staring at a 3D painting the whole time. The lake is so peaceful and calm, and the sun sparkled off its deep blue color. We ate lots of yummy trout from the lake and of course drank wine at sunset. We strategically chose the hostel with the best terrace for watching the sunrise which we braved the cold and woke up for the next day. It rose over the snow-capped Andes across the lake, totally worth the chilly wake up call. 

Another highlight was our dinner in a cute little restaurant. We were the only ones in there aside from the owner/chef and her adorable son Juan. He joined us while we waited for our food and taught us how to play some game with marbles that I’m sure he invented. He was very serious about the rules! It was really fun chatting with him in Spanish and teaching him a little English and French. We walked by the next day and he ran out to give us big hugs! Such a cutie 🙂

Learning this made-up marble game

Here are some pictures of this stunning place!

I would estimate that I stared at this view for approximately 6 of the 24 hours I was on the island

What’s better than hanging with an alpaca?

Maybe only riding an alpaca around the island! Too much adorableness in this picture 🙂

Yummy trout, doesn’t get much more fresh than this!

Isla del Sol is a must-see on your next trip to Bolivia. Definitely worth it to stay overnight as well!